Zelda: Zelda game was the breath of the wild best selling


Zelda: the breath of the wild, Nintendo‘s best-selling Zelda game managed to be explained according to recent sales figures. Of course, re-building games and re-released games by ignoring this conclusion is reached.

Zelda: the wild success of the breath is not satisfied

Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi tezuka Zelda, which is upon the manga by: the wild almost every award it was nominated of breath has been embraced since its release. A game that has so much success it was inevitable that it would be included among the best sellers.

Nintendo, Switches, Zelda: breath of the wild‘, with 8.48 million copies selling in the published figures confirmed. The Wii U sold 1.5 million units in the wild than of Breath basically, all the Zelda games that has sold 10 million copies, among the highest sales figures.

Most of the products which still holds the title of the series the previous game , Zelda: twilight Princess . Zelda: twilight Princess, Zelda series selling 8.85 million copies worldwide with the title of being the best selling game was holding.

Nintendo Zelda game switch, it can be played on Wii U platforms.