You would need to make strategic decisions in state of decay 2


Official Xbox Magazine in an interview, the game’s producer, undead Labs‘team members, state of decay 2of the maps in the state and made statements about the importance of the maps in the game.

State of decay 2 will be quite important to make strategic decisions

One of the characteristic features of the game state in decay to have a large map, the map is pretty much in the residential areas and houses, do your research and collect goods to explore, and it forms the basis of the game. Relays information to the production team, according to every map will have it’s own characteristics in the game and change your strategy according to this map you will be able to remain in a state of.

No information is given about it too much. On some maps it is so easy to do things when in another it will be quite difficult. A team in the game to keep your team safe , we will be forced to make choices. For example, some maps is quite safe, but when resources become limited, some of the maps are surrounded by zombies, however, there will be plenty of resources to feed and to build your team. So by maintaining this balance, we’re going to have to make strategic decisions to ensure the safety of our team. State of decay 2 on May 22 will be released for Xbox One and Windows