You can play 2018 FIFA World Cup 18 FIFA players this year


One of the most popular games in the world of football, FIFA, the last FIFA game 18, the FIFA World Cup of 2018 is preparing to bring an additional package. For years PES game in the series race against the top at the international level, which is an organization which brings the best teams to enjoy FIFA 18 the FIFA World Cup package with additional moving seems to work.

The world’s biggest football organization

World Cup, considering that one of the biggest events of the football world, especially in the PES series, The PREMIER with the Agreement is terminated at a time where FIFA’s presence in such a move is not surprising. Additional package who are eligible to participate in the game in the future within the World Cup the 32 teams, while keeping the game at the same time farewell to the cup, Italy, Chile, the Netherlands, we can see teams like the USA.

EA SPORTS2014 FIFA World Cup previously, FIFA 14 brings the game had been included in the additional package. Right now FIFA worldwide We know how the games succeeded. However, we can predict that this move would increase sales even more.

Finally, additional package for FIFA players, it will be available yet.