Yet there is a secret that God of war discovered by the players


One of the best games that came out this year, which is shown as the last God of war game is still new information continues to come. We left behind the month of April released the game Director Cory Barlog, this time made an interesting confession. Barlog, who gives pleasure to herself in the games to find hidden objects, in the same way, God of war still people that we have not discovered a secret that is expressed. Barlog who said he couldn’t find this secret no player, did not reveal what the secret is made despite the insistence.

There is a secret that no one knows of God of war

The hidden content that is added to the game Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom pain‘that we’ve seen likened to a nuclear weapons Secret event Cory Barlog, not sure that you can find the secret of the players. Let’s see who will be the first player to discover the secret? On the other hand, these secrets of the game have also been added to the game Metal Gear for PC found files starring the poking prying. So a system which is completely closed source PlayStation 4 themix and learning what is the status of the files in the hidden content is not in question. Still God of war enthusiast gamers, would be able to figure out what this is.