Years later, the first game update for Guild Wars has arrived!


In 2005, the first front of us Arena net in the leadership of the MMO game Guild Warsin the first game after many years of update.

New graphics options added to the game

Arena net, years ago, to the liking of the first to offer players the Guild Wars update is released, some new graphics settings and additional options for the game hosts. According to the update notes, the full-screen option, the new 8XAA anti-aliasing option and the new ‘Advanced’ tab in the game are included.

Update the rest, players Whisper adds a new option to stop messages, in the police station away from the centre increases the number of pets that are allowed, maximum two doubles and corrects errors in the number of a friend. Update specified, according to a new steam client update you will be able to download it.

As you know, the South Korean game Publisher NCSoft’s subsidiary ArenaNet Guild Wars role-playing game created by. In 2006 and 2007 for the game, Factions, Nightfall , and eye of the north was included in packets. A continuation of the series again in 2007, this new game Guild Wars 2 was announced, but the game was released in 2012.