Yalova University, eSpor event finals will be held tomorrow


E-together with the development of the sport in our country many organizations as well as universities in some of the larger organizations that we need to see. this is one of the universities which the University of Yalova, recently started a eSpor has signed on to the organization. This organization of different games espor finals will be held tomorrow.

Yalova University 1.e-sports festival

Vision cafe-finals which will take place in League of Legends, Counter Strike and FIFA games is a collection of such as important. Refreshments and special raffle, featuring espor participation in this festival will be free. YouTube and twitch as platforms also indicated that it should be published live from the finals. The time of the event and the calendar goes something like this;

Event Location: Vision Room.
Day and time of the event: 12.05.2018 Saturday 10:00 – 19:00
We will have special raffle and refreshments in the field of activity.
We’ll have live coverage via YouTube and Twitch without a very serious mishap.

The draft version of the program on the day of the event below, more information about the event can be found here.

LOL Finals
CS Finale
FIFA Finals
Show FIFA match + 1.’S award ceremony
Show CS match + 1.’S award ceremony
The show MATCH LOL + 1.’S award ceremony

Yalova Üniversitesi eSpor etkinliği finalleri yarın yapılacak