Xiaomi in gearbest products “buy 1 Get 1 free” campaign


Activities in our country which has Gearbest, offering users different products and solutions formation. You can find out many different products within the site that you may need. Of course, one of the most striking points in the system that closely follows Turkish users the Xiaomi brand. Here GearbestXiaomi products in buy 1 free 1 campaign began.

Buy 1 free 1 campaign gearbest

When we look at the campaign, cell phone controlled robot DIY mi, sound bar, and the torch campaign, buy products like the S1 mini 1 1 free. Areas different solutions for these products and discounts has been applied. Although in this campaign, mini discounts, deep discounts on other products on the same page, too.

For example Xiaomi products in addition to discounts in different categories made different products and looks. For example, normally sold 10.251.98 TL mi TL 7.195.20 player laptop computer downloaded. Xiaomi products except the alphabet, torch , and also discounts with other manufacturers. For example the Razer Mouse, the deathadder currently being sold with a price of TL 115.15.

Gearbest for this discount, You can reach the page by clicking here.