XCOM 2 Game Guide


The XCOM 2 guide contains a detailed description of the single player campaign, along with instructions on completing main and side tasks. Apart from that, you will find each class of soldiers in the game combined with a detailed explanation, proposed structures and developments.

In addition, the guide includes tips on how to use them, as well as tips on how to use all of the available elements of equipment for different classes. The guide contains a section that shows all the enemies in their strong and weak spots and methods, to take care of them in the game.

In addition, a long list of general tips can be found within the game mechanics, which will certainly be useful for dealing with a more detailed and detailed explanation, moving around the map, or fighting enemy actions, as the new players of the series definitely struggle. In the sections that focus on the installations to be built in the Avenger ship, they can be found throughout the building as well as in the building.

The guide was closed with game controls, game hardware requirements and information about each success. The second installment of the XCOM strategy-based re-series focuses on the elusive invaders developed by Firaxis studios, challenging and challenging, as well as human challenges. The player takes on the role of Commander of the XCOM Organization, once with the resistance, to try to get rid of all alien invasions.


The XCOM 2 guide contains:

  • Description of all the single-player campaign missions, coupled with tips connected with additional activities and side missions;
  • Thorough description of in-game mechanics, such as combat, moving around the map, or accumulating resources;
  • Game controls, as well as hardware requirements;
  • Description of all the elements of equipment available in the game;
  • Description of all the soldier classes
  • Description of all the enemies, their strong and weak points, as well as methods of dealing with them;
  • A list of general gameplay-related tips;
  • List and description of each and every achievement in the game.


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