Xbox One is getting support 120 Hz!


Most console players instead of the TV due to the faster response time and screen refresh rate monitors prefer. Microsoft also which will appeal to players of the game on the monitor 120 Hz has already begun testing the technology.

What does the Xbox one spring update to bring?

Microsoft’s Xbox One platform, which was expected to release the new update in the coming days for details of the content have emerged.

Xbox Insider 120 Hz support is available to users in the first place 1805 version number. Settings>Display and adjusted the sound section under the screen refresh rate, unfortunately, at this time does not support every game.

Xbox One 120 Hz

With the players in the summer, which will meet the 120 Hz refresh feature to update the games for. Xbox one s and One X the Xbox , which is expected to take models yet it is unknown how this feature would work.

:: Are you going to use the 120 Hz feature for the Xbox?

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