Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Rome, the sequel is coming?


Twitter question-and-answer wondering in the event who responded to the question on dozens of Xbox brand President, Phil Spencer, Ryse: Rome of the last‘s received a question about a sequel. Ryse: of Rome, who loved him so much Spencer, Phil Spencer said should make more games of this type, in addition to the brand by your continued game every game that is difficult to said.

Ryse: Rome, the sequel to news from

The Xbox according to the statements of the President, probably Ryse: Rome of the last‘s continue the game in this generation we’ll see. A decent game in the sense of the story, was consumed too quickly herself because of repetitive gameplay mechanics. Graphical sense which are too good Ryse: Rome of the last, if studied more if it were a game, could be one of the best games of the eighth console generation.

The last theme in the Roman period, thanks to attracting the attention of millions of players have made Crytek had developed. Currently working on several other projects Crytek probably the main focus of a new Ryse game does not have. However, Microsoft you can give to a more experienced developer and brand Crytek take away from Ryse.