Wreckfest early access program from Steam, leaving in June


Bugbear Entertainment ‘s racing game developed by and published at the same time Wreckfeston 14 June Steam Early access and is separated from the program.

A feeling of a realistic physics simulation

In 2017 Bugbear racing game released by Wreckfest, as of June 14, and completely separated from steam’s early access will be free. Of course, a number of players are waiting for new features. Wreckfest at this point, the players breaking the rules and full-contact racing offers you the chance to take part in. Legendary fights, the actual struggles and new ways of Metal Bending head to head towards the finish line in the game is taking place. Also physics simulation that you can find in game Wreckfest FlatOut 1 and 2Click legend developer Bugbear designed.

In addition to all this Wreckfest, offers the option to upgrade and customize a large number of players. Reinforced bumpers, roll cages, while strengthening your vehicle with side guards, air filters, engine parts such as camshafts and fuel systems so you can be ready for the race. Also the game, just like real life offers players a unique racing experience that can be reached by a physics simulation. Dominated by high-tempo game, where you can witness the races was carried out at high speed in crazy traffic.

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