World Of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth beta finally started


Blizzard Entertainment developed by huge player base for a MMORPG game which is world of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth beta finally started. Wowhead according to blizzard, the battle for Azeroth beta password to a distributed heap. In the transition to beta, Alpha characters are generated in the process are deleted, but the developer didn’t plan to erase this kind of again it seems.

The following from the process are changing process in the transition to alpha beta

*Beta level is determined as the limit of 120.

*Alpha beta forum with the forums being replaced.

*Unitbuff cancel – cancellation is not supported no longer by the name of magic.

World Of Warcraft’s additional package battle for Azerothstarring in, Ash Shaving and Sandals will be able to visit continents such as. Also in the game will be able to experience new races and battle will be able to represent their groups. you can learn it through the beta process been chosen in the launcher. If you haven’t checked in yet, if not, don’t despair, because more is expected to be sent password. To be eligible to receive the password, need to be included in the first beta version. In order to do this, Blizzard your account settings, go to games & codes section, select the section and click on beta profile settings. Here are if you are interested in beta testing which you can choose.

Finally azeloth battle is expected to be released on August 14.