Wolce: beta promotional video was released for lords of Mayhem


Wolce the studio by CRYENGINE graphics engine developed hack and slash game Wolce: lords of Mayhem released a new promotional trailer for.

Previously, the UMBRA , known as the restriction does not contain any class in the game. In this way, the players determine their own path by creating levels and characters they want to play. Ancient secrets and hidden truths that they have to tear the place to reveal the game.

The latest version contains many innovations within

The developer of the game promises to launch the final version in September 2018. Also a coop game multiplayer in the final version of the game, while supporting a whole new story, the form of judgment, new creatures, new environments, new missions, new NPC’s, new characters, new armor and new animations. At the same time, continue to raise the graphical quality of the game. Asset quality and better texture quality, shading and new visual effects, improved quality, new particle effects, new and improved gameplay mechanics the game brings many innovations such as the optimization.

New promotional trailer for the game can be found below.