With the new update, there will be changes in how thieves of the sea?


E3 introduced with the video garnering the admiration of the players, but the output after that does not meet the expectations of the players are Thieves of the sea, new updates are on the way.

One more update next next week thieves of the sea

Exit after making the biggest criticism of the sea thieves of players for the game, quite content was that it was empty. Players together, the crew of a ship, although it took a lot of pleasure from being, the diversity of the task to be done in the game to be less of the players I had missed the taste. However, the production company Rare that will be heard this criticism, the game continues to constantly updating and correcting errors. Next week, with the next update to the game, now more players will have the option of matching. Their lobbies players can enter only your friends will be able to set it so. Under the sea now with the new update the name of the player floating, when viewed from above will appear. Thus, players secretly infiltration ships will have the opportunity to. That will come into play with the new update, the game no longer forming the basis of our bananas, we will be able to share with your friends. Apart from that, the new update which will fix minor errors in the A team, next week will be broadcast reported.