Who’s doing most of mobile game spending?


As mentioned earlier , Apple, Samsung and Google – branded smartphone users, mobile game applications for a lot of money to spend. iOS for the App Store and Android for Google Play Store platforms game category it is possible to find plenty of options within.

Finally, the research firm ‘s state expenditure in most of the device owners conducted a study about mobile gaming. Research 3 largest smartphone manufacturerThe monetization rateof 3 times more that is reveal. In this figure, a total of $ 1.50 worth of in-app purchase that makes mobile game free players of 2 percent to 3percent.

11% conversion rate with most users spending a lot of money in the case of pixel 2 XL cutting. X iPhone users 10.23 percent , with pixel 2 XL users in their pursuit. 6.72 percent with iPhone 8 users also approximately $ 4 with a maximum of an average of those who spend as it looks. The resulting table, game publishers, and developerspromote the idea that encouraging ini. In addition, better-performing smartphone that will contribute to the models noted. Recently Razer Phone, Huawei Black Shark , etc. game-oriented smartphone that was released to remind one of also models.

:: An annual average of mobile games, how much money do you spend?

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