Who is Han Solo?


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Took place in the Star Wars universe how?

Yesil is considered as an alien species rather than a first person that was the name of the character jabba the Hutt. But then this idea was shelved due to the author change the mind of George Lucas. Also, Nick Nolte, Al Pacino, Christopher walken, Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone to revive the character names such as thought, while Harrison Ford was hired to read the lines, when I read that scenario in a sarcastic manner has attracted plenty of attention, and became the owner of the role.

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It did have the Millennium Falcon?

In the movie we watched as a spaceship captain who can use all of the hardware and skillfully Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon did not have all the time. Being a gambler Lando calrissian in a game of Sabacc card game: galactic ship won. But Lando later, the award is the Millennium Falcon in a game of Sabacc again a Han Solo ship against the Galaxy’s most famous lost. Of course, then solo in the Empire Strikes Back movie, we saw that the Millennium Falcon Lando calrissian loaned.

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He wanted to get the character killed Harrison Ford

Played the role of Han Solo while Stephen Spielberg’s Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost Ark movie joins the team Ford, the Han Solo character after the second film he wanted to be killed. However, George Lucas rejected this offer. Then at the end of the second movie that he thought Han Solo’s carbon freezing, everyone withdrew from the scene.

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What we will see in the new movie?

In fact Solo will be released on 25 May 2018: A Star Wars story in the movie, possibly many of the items mentioned above, we follow and what we don’t know. This time in the role of Harrison Ford’s Han Solo to your shoulders, Alden ehrenreich we’ll see. Let’s contribute and how to get into the film side of the Star Wars universe Han Solo, the new project will make us happy?

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