Who is deadpool?


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With deadpool, when did we first meet?

The recent popularity of our character directed by Tim Miller, with Ryan Reynolds starring, although it took from the film, The character Deadpool in 1990 as the first New mutants 98. the number has increased. Deadpool, Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza created by character.

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Deadpool does the name come from?

Helpless to defeat Wade Wilson’s cancer at a time in the first movie, participated in a special experiment we know that. The weapon x program gave him his current powers, while he did the experiment, compared to those who failed a subject, Wade. This name, which we may call the pool of death, while in experiment Wade, who is played by doctors and other professionals comes from a game where a prediction was made of the coming of death row.
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Deadpool’s childhood hero, who is?

Canadian Patriot that is proud of the film that is being released a new ad deadpool (we knew that already already from the comic) we learned. However deadpool’s favorite childhood hero, Captain America. The captain and the experiment was created by Deadpool and Captain America, characters marvel is one of the limited number deadpool who treats you with respect.

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Cursed by Thanos!

They’re facing Thanos and Deadpool is a comic book series, but they’re both they’re falling in love with the same woman. Deadpool deadpool so thanos cursed and every time you die, comes back to life again.

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Deadpool, a character is aware that fantastic

Deadpool 4. wall fallen down character. Reality with the fiction of the fourth wall, an imaginary wall that separates the players with the audience. Wade Wilson that ignores the nature of this wall were followed by others, a scenario that is within the comic or knows.

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