Where is the new expansion pack, it became clear that far cry 5 would pass


5 Far Cry‘s first expansion pack announced the date that will exit. Us Vietnam forests that will take you to the hours of darkness expansion pack, on 5 June I predict that there will be.

Far Cry 5 will be the new Vietnam expansion pack

Hundreds of hours of Far Cry 5 which will be the first expansion pack, was released. Hours of darkness in Vietnam. Wendell “red” red‘s that we can control the game in a different time zone pass. The hours of darkness during the Vietnam War that we can control the character of Red will pass. Wendell captured in the jungles of Vietnam trying to save their comrades and let them find red red which will be the subject of the expansion pack, I predict it will be on June 5. Hours of darkness the same as in the main game, you can play alone or with your friends in partnership. Far cry from 5 in this first expansion pack to the game with new equipment and add new capabilities. In the darkness of the house when you finish the main story, two new game modes will be launched. Survivor mode and action mode. Try to survive with limited ammo in survivor mode. On the contrary, if it is in action mode, you’ll have a huge arsenal. A short video announcement of the expansion pack was released.