When you’re playing the game for a long time, does that influence how our brain?


Video games we love to play. Each video game players a whole new world of carry, what we see in the movie nor the book the stories to the players the best experience they can keep. In the beginning successful productions that we spend our hours biggest handicap of us is going to take our time. In any way we could regain the concept of time, we spend to feel good about ourselves at the beginning of the games. Maybe take refuge under the roof of the frustration of video games to escape from everyday life, maybe to have a good time with our closest friends. The choice is in your hands completely of that part, but indirectly it effects our brains and the psychology of video games that you need to know.

What is happening in our brains when we played the game?

Console, in front of the computer or the phone or spending time with the people we play the game as the biological content and indirectly affect our lives. According to the studies of the global players in total time spent in front of the screen to 3 billion hours is equal. 150 million with a population of players, each player is dominating the video game market in the United States per week at least 3 hours of Video Games at the beginning. According the foregoing, the average American over the age of 18 and 35 years of age, 72 percent of players player. The age of the adult at the level of person who plays video games when Video Games is associated with a family of individuals who have the ability to establish that we can predict. According to yet another statistical survey of American families lives with most video games. Thus, parents believe that their children can understand the culture of video games from a young age.

Uzun süre oyun oynadığımızda, beynimiz nasıl etkileniyor?

In general Shooting Games the most sold fps type games. In America the most popular game series, Call Of Duty, Battlefield , slightly than its competitors, and the HALO as shown. In the forefront of the violence in these games, even violent video games that were made all the scientific research has not been able to prove the impact on human life.

How video games have proven in the long term in psychology that can harm the players that are healthy, scientifically proven the effect of the brain’s motor functions and decision making is the case. 116 a summary of scientific research about this topic if you wish in frontiers of Human Neuroscienceyou can read from.

Research scientists for many years of Video Games, the human brain explored with structural implications. In addition, the functionality of the brain to scientists who continue to do research on the issue of not to break, observing the change in the brains of individuals exposed to the study of Video Games, the games have reached the conclusion that the structure of the brain had no effect.

Video games as a result of the analysis of the scientists, underlines the effect of human attention. Individuals are invited to experiment with Video Games after spending time with less effort and more carefully they observed their assigned tasks. So the individuals who spend time with Video Games at a normal level than other people at what they do, we can say that losing sight of the details.

We said the structure of the brain that affects Video Games. Scientists in this section of the brain that uses visual and spatial skills to detect objects in video games department responsible for that has developed notes. In this way the individuals participating in the long-term experiments of the brain, the right hippocampus emphasizes the development of the section. If so, when you leave a pitch in the game head to the ball and jump towards the ball the ball would drop faster than the other players, you can calculate it if you can be indebted to Video Games.

Uzun süre oyun oynadığımızda, beynimiz nasıl etkileniyor?

However if you want to provide more benefit to yourself of if video games, puzzles, strenuous the human brain, scientists suggests. Alzheimer ‘s disease that can cure even the scientists who developed this genre of games in people’s memories, the more challenging run of games reward mechanism of the brain underlines. When we get success in the games (lol in Penta Rampage in dotan, CS:GO, Ace, etc.) We’re happy with the reason it connects.

However, this mechanism runs and the more your brain get used to it, this we should note that there may be bad consequences. Because the scientists of the brain reward mechanism to be effective in more real life support. Virtual games are continuously captured (false) feeling of success, you can get addicted to the games and the achievements you’ve earned in real life does not satisfy your brain. For example, a Counter Strike team for the game alone when you kill your brain secrete serotonin, dopamine, Oxytocin , and endorphins are hormones that, in real life, success in your studies and in your work that you have captured the beautiful again secreted serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and hormones level more than.

You have captured the feelings of success in games, in real life problems you have encountered instantly (same as the influence of drugs) can make people forget we are aware that you do devote your life to this style of Competitive games in this genre of games in your life, we recommend that you keep it only as a hobby.

When we got to the end, we can say that Video Games has a positive effect on our brains. The story is carefully written to satisfy the literary aspects of the games benefit us, especially while we daily stress in Competitive games. But when we use tour without reserve all the games that you came up with more of a serious problem we must not forget. Also without forgetting the importance of game selection in this topic.

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