When you pass over a Xbox game, players thieves left of the sea


Microsoft‘s support, developed with fun pirate game Sea of thievesreach millions of people within a short period if the course of the game currently is not very good. Of the game on the Xbox One platform next to the PC platform, developers who pass the sea of thieves Xbox game system were included. The players for a month Pass Xbox gamefrom Microsoft that allows you to try to click in this way, the sea Thieves‘enabled us to reach a large audience. However, after a month has passed, the resulting information According to what game they are defeated, a large portion of Xbox players to pass, nor of the sea thieves buy

A large part of the sea of players left thieves

Half of the players who lost the sea of Thieves, in this regard, she began to have a bad day. The rare team that updates the game quickly, players are preparing content that will attract the game. On the other hand, Super-Data,‘s in accordance with developer information that explains probably the game of the team he can get a discount on the price. Rare‘s the fastest selling game to date, which has become the thieves of the sea,‘e if it comes as expected a competitive mod, the game will not survive for very long.