When it was announced that the classic NES edition will become available


Nintendo, the NES classic Editionon 29th June re-offered for sale would be announced. Announced that classic NES edition will remain on sale until the end of 2018.

The classic NES edition of the re-sale is being offered

Nintendo NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) smaller version, 2016 Novembersales in and out fairly quickly nostalgic selling console in stock had come to a state of exhaustion. Over 2.3 million by selling the NES in Nintendo’s face he had managed to make him laugh.

Following the success of this sale depleted Embryos, the date will become available again on June 29. Nostalgic Console on sale until the end of the year will remain. The classic NES edition of 30 pieces nostalgic game held. Classic NES Edition will become available on June 29th the new game will be more than 20. However, what these games have not yet been revealed. 30 game Classic NES Edition include:

-Balloon Fight

-Bubble Bobble


-Castlevania II: Simon’s quest

-Donkey Kong

-Donkey Kong Jr.

-Double Dragon ii: the Revenge

-Dr. Mario


Final Fantasy


-The Goblins Ghosts


-Ice Climber

-Kid Icarus

-Kirby’s Adventure

-Mario Bros.

-Mega Man 2


-Ninja Gaiden


-Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream


-Super C

-Super Mario Bros.

-Super Mario Bros 2

-Super Mario Bros 3

-Tecmo Bowl

-The legend of Zelda

-Zelda ii: the adventure of Link