What is the status of the Xbox one sales?


Microsoft’s Xbox Division for the years ended on March 31st and starts at the beginning of the year, so in the first quarter of 2018 2.251 billion dollars of revenue had announced that it was. According to a statement from Microsoft, the Xbox players also monthly for 13 percent increased.

For Xbox users, 52 million, experiencing an increase of 7 million in the latest Quarter by 59 million . Description of the Microsoft in gaming revenue, Xbox in software and services revenue growth percentage, 18 percent, and third-party game developers of the proceeds from percent to 24 percent.

The expected feature for Xbox One has arrived!

Microsoft Xbox one April update released. With the update the Xbox One 2K support. Now on Xbox one 2K monitors the experience will be completely different.

These third-party game developers a large portion of the proceeds from Fortnite and the Sea of Thieves is believed to be derived from the game.

God of war, may affect the sales of the Xbox one

God of War again with great living out of the PlayStation 4 and the front of the Xbox one in sales have a negative impact in the second quarter of 2018, is expected.

The world’s most powerful console the Xbox One which still holds the title X backward compatibility within the framework of the old games in 4K resolution to provide successful may appear to be a move. However, the Xboxplayers would like to add to the Constitution a new generation of more IP needs to come out with.

God of war review – PS4

We’re with the god of war video review. For many years, it is expected that the new God of war game was announced and by 2016, we are dealing once again with all its glory and in all its glory.

Finally, the month of April update to the Xbox one s and One X Xbox 2K resolution and support for AMD FreeSync models added. Let’s Xbox, will attract the attention of players with the improvements made on the software side?

:: Xbox One can get ahead of the PlayStation 4 in sales figures, in your opinion?

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