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That’s You

Play link the concept is the first fruit of that, I also among my favorite games. From time to time to PlayStation Plus members for free the game supports two to six players.

The main focus of the game is how you know your focus on your friends. of course, you’re checking your smart phone while doing this witty questions and pictures doing with keeping the upper level also interacts with the application. More than 1000 different themes, and adorned with illustrations of the game in question, you may have your favorites with these questions.

You can find here videos we have prepared for you, and you can browse the game gameplay to offer.

4 Playlink nedir? Nasıl oynanır? Playlink'in hangi oyunları var?

Hidden Agenda

Turkish subtitle support for six players, with the menu option hidden agenda, other Playlink raises a point of a game more serious than that. A very important player within the body the kind of game that you start to get the feeling he was taking the most important decisions in a movie.

Of course, everyone will agree is the most important point in this regard. The differences in the consequences of those decisions and the decisions of the people who played the game has managed to increase the excitement. Of course, these would increase the tension in the environment at the same time, note that different choices 🙂

Hidden agenda we have prepared for Here you can find videos, and you can browse on how the game works.

6 Playlink nedir? Nasıl oynanır? Playlink'in hangi oyunları var?

Planet of the Apes, Singstar Celebration, Erica and more..

Playlink‘quite different except for the games that featured in the productions are also available. For example, up to four persons in support of Planet of the Apes: the last frontier, planet of the Apes: dawn and War fills the gap between movies. The choice of the players participated in making your choices in the story, and you are caught between your conscience.

The most famous song-themed games, which is one of the SingStarversion of this full-offers support for up to eight players. When you do that, you can use your smart phone as a microphone of course, the best Karaoke performance you are trying to exhibit.

That will be available in the next period , Erica will lead you into players with truly unique cinematic vibe. With this construction it will be very important elections at the same time, the system also will offer one of the most diverse experiences. Of course, these games along with Playlink to the concept of other games let me remind you that more is on the way..

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