We’ll have to wait at least 3 more years for the PlayStation 5


Recently, the PlayStation 4‘S life cycle, who said he was coming to the end of the PlayStation brand boss, John, 5 PlayStation on the new comments made. Kadora you can browse our previously announced news.

The life cycle of the PlayStation 4, this time last came to the stage

“We need to be ready for at least 3 more years for the PlayStation 5”

PlayStation kadora expended in an interview at the beginning of the name John in the last days of the life cycle of the PlayStation 4 we come to the end of sentences, the climax of the PlayStation 5 rumors caused. However kadora that shows descriptions of new PlayStation 5 For for a longer time than we thought, we’ll have to wait. “In the future, will allow you to jump higher in preparation for the step that we will take advantage of the next 3 years,” he said. The preparation process for the new generation at least 3 years he said it would take.If like you said If kadora PlayStation 5 2021 output seems artificial. The PlayStation 4 means that we will have a lifetime of eight years, departing in 2013. Sony recently stated that they would focus on the contents of the PlayStation 4, It was announced that the PlayStation 4 will be continuing to support.