Wearable robots are brought to real life the fictional technologies


In many games,especially Call Of Duty games, and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom pain‘that emerges from the exoskeletons technology, functionality is functioning to make sure that a crippled limb, or limbs that may be running a more robust technology that is used to make may seem like a fictional, But fictional games that we face in technology, now one step closer to the truth.

Wearable robots, looks like something out of the game

The suits named the company of people with disabilities in everyday use and industrial companies for wearable robotic technologies in designing and producing. Thanks to these robots, people walking, weight lifting front-to-back movements such as bending, can perform quite easily. This robot normally worn by the models are difficult to remove the weights can be removed. Especially disabled people to walk again wearable that can provide a exoskeleton paralyzed people to stand and thanks to the Suits forward, backward will be able to walk. Currently, this technology, although it is not yet possible to jump to the top of the house, shows the acceleration of this rapid development of technology. In the past science fiction movies or games that we are familiar with many technology will confront us in the future.