We take a look at the last video posted with the vehicle classes onrush


Many popular racing game Codemasters who signs his name to the last game of the Onrush on 5 June for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one will be output. More known for making simulation games in the racing genre, Codemasters, every year, that offers players to the liking of the Formula 1 Series of racing games in the case of the castle almost indestructible. Especially in 2015, the dirt Rally, was one of the best examples of its kind.

Vehicle classes introduced in onrush

With the onrush of Codemasters racing games, racing simulation game that looks a little out of type. Quite a fun Onrush gameplay’ released a new video for. The video posted in vehicle classes that we can use to destroy our opponents was introduced.Game; blade, Outlaw, vortex, charger, interceptor, the Dynamo, the Titan, the enforcer is the main class including 8. As seen from the video posted, of all classes has its own characteristics. Each main class also in its own right, rush, ability, Trait, including 3 side-it’s a feature. Codemasters a little bit of their line and cut it out. Let’s Onrush, the shortage may be the answer to racing game on consoles. In the last video posted below you can browse onrush.