We know in Turkey the acting near the end of the VIVA RETRO


Retro games of what lies beneath the rise inevitable? These days Most of us It’s the same issue in your mouth. “The $ 5 pounds”, “Euro is growing exponentially,” etc., etc., they roam at the bottom of the economy for a very long time although trying to survive in a way we were. Know much about economics or politics, but I think it’s time I write what I see; our economy didn’t go smoothly. Unfortunately, our foreign dependence is growing in everything we buy the yarn from the needle. Accordingly, as a result of rising inflation, foreign currency getting. The economy will not recover for a long time and we are entering into. I will explain our current situation by giving a short example. PlayStation 4 pro the output of sales of $ 1.699 tag. For now, TL 2.299. On the date of 10 November 2016 the product in the market place, in the last 1.5 years rose by 35%. Although not the same rate in games has affected 20-25% increased at a rate of. Of course, when we compare the rates of increase of the minimum wage this figure, the difference in level to upset all of us. On top of that the sudden rise in foreign currency when it is added to the device within the game and within a short period of zamlanmas serious expectations.

We know in Turkey the acting near the end of the VIVA RETRO

So to cut to the chase you should not. I wanted to write real I’ll go. My purpose in writing this a little, I’m going to write a little later to show why. From the numbers game in this way high prices, of course, many players like us, It is uncomfortable. However, we need to know that we are not unsolved. Firstly, the copy that I have to mention this, if you’re going to write you what I am already playing the game at this stage would not be very binding. But like me if you are one of the person it points to the original I can suggest a budget friendly method. Firstly what we need to know the whole thing, we don’t have to play in every building. More interesting, the games its way to the primary choice of our style we should have. The rising values in Turkey, which is one of our choices is one of us acting retro. So you know when I say Retro I’m not talking about 15-20 years ago. 2-3 years previous productions playable levels are still very comfortable. For example there’s a game of Uncharted 4 review we did on May 5. Up to 60 are available in the second hand. Or dark Souls 3 game, 70 TL can be found. They are all still preserves the order of the day, but also the price that won’t untie our budget also grade games.

On the other hand, I’m not saying second hand games are only yonlenin. I wrote the above, we are able to spend time with a very good download for your preference on games. For example, the forest game 32 TL with a price tag of a great gaming experience. The beauty of this style they do require very high System Requirements. Usually your existing systems -very new, even – you can play easily. Also even a little more if you are interested in PlayStation 3 or even Xbox 360 Games the past enough to hold you over too long. In this process, the current generation is already a lot that can be found in the price of equipment and construction will be reduced.

Of course, that’s not all of them came to my mind, but if you proceed in this manner, at least a little without sacrificing the country’s economy from acting you can continue your way until relieved. “Just new productions I have to play” if you say we could get to an Internet cafe. To establish the fellowship or PlayStation…