We got a new video for the new expansion pack of Destiny 2 Warming


Departing in September 2017 destiny 2 “expansion” continues. Bungiepreviously announced that it will come in the month of May, destiny 2, a new expansion pack Warming for a short promotional video has been released.

We’re going back to Mars

To be done today Twitch prior to the live broadcast, the game’s second expansion pack warmind new information emerged. Warming to the game with new exotic weapons, armor will be added. With warming, the new expansion pack, players can re – Mars Scout out the lands of plenty will Hive they will be fighting with their enemies. With the new expansion pack with the next update, in conjunction with changes in power level to maximize their power Guard, we are curious about how long it will take. For more details, of course, live will be held today, it is useful to take a look.

Bungie’s first destiny game, Destiny 2. Long support will continue. The content of the game will become richer with future expansion packs. Of course, the players in the next period of updates that will make the job easier in the future for destiny 2 was notified. Short promotional video of the new expansion pack for destiny 2 warmind you can watch below.