Was sold to the developer of Mad Max and just cause game series


Especially the Just Cause series, distinguished himself through, and at the same time, Mad Max , who put the game Avalanche Studios, the team Nordisk Film company named bought. Entertainment company with a history of 111 years, the Nordisk Film, the studio in the month of April of the year we left behind had bought a piece of. Now the Developer Team has recruited all of its own. 89 million euros,or purchased the team Avalanche Studios is based on the past 15 years. Also an experienced software firm, Avalanche Studios just cause max and next max of the games the hunter hunting game named on a successful course.

Avalanche Studios, was bought by Nordisk Film

Open World Games Apex Developer Team builds upon the game engine, 320 is composed of people. On the other hand, definitely under delivering Bethesda’s rage 2Click experienced team that improves, you probably will not interrupt in any way in the development process of rage 2. Founded in 2003, Avalanche studios, Stockholm and Malmö studios in New York City.

Thrown into the world in 2003, the video game developer team as we move forward let’s Nordisk Film under the umbrella of games confront us with?