Warrior’s Orochi 4. the game will be released for the PC in 2018


Koei and Omega Force developed by hack and slash game warriors Orochi 4, for the PC is coming in 2018. On the official website Publisher tecmo koei warriors Orochi 4’in 2018 Steam through the PC would be coming to Korea. The official website has also included some additional information about the upcoming warriors Orochi.

Warriors Orochi 4, The character has more than 170

Upcoming warriors Orochi game, players will be able to choose from more than 170 characters. If that will be chosen are the heroes , Samurai warriors and dynasty warriors from around the world will gather. The story part of the game also warriors Orochi 4 players in the world take off from the crisis and return to normal you will have to find the greatest power eight bracelet. Behind the crisis in the world at the same time Zeus’s, but the causes of the crisis are still unknown. However, the game also will be strengthened by a miraculous power, and that the character’s magical attacks will allow you to do the sacred treasures within at will host.

Which is tactical action game warriors Orochi, the first in 2007 on PS2, Xbox 360, PSP and PC was released.