VR, thanks to time travel and will be true in a virtual environment


In the past days, held at Facebook‘s F8 event, important information was shared. Who is the founder and President of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg, talked about the importance of virtual reality. According to Zuckerberg, virtual reality, thanks to time travel to the past we can. Oculus founder of Facebook who worked on this project, our photos, our videos of the past thanks to virtual reality environments can create. In creating these environments in the current picture who will be used to noktacilig Zuckerberg, the occurrence of the rooms of the house says we can go to our childhood.

Thanks to virtual reality, we can go to the past

HTC Vive and PS VR‘s, unlike Oculus‘s to give more importance to innovation, which excites the users. How virtual reality is currently regarded as part of the entertainment industry, even though this kind of technology thanks to virtual reality devices can be used for many other purposes.

Mark Zuckerberg is also the online infrastructure of these spaces, thanks to our invitation to our friends and family members says we can. Emphasizing that their aim is to bring people together, Mark Zuckerberg, to socialize in a virtual environment supports. Go Oculus oculus, which makes virtual reality video game developers with a mobile device, we can say that apparently doesn’t care about the side.