Virtual reality goggles on the market grew less than expected


Sony prepared for a presentation, “challenges and improvements (called” table “VR less than expected, the market evolved” part of the presentation, Sony’s VR he couldn’t quite reach the targeted sales figures revealed.

Made less than expected growth of the VR market

The oculus rift that makes our life with a quick introduction to virtual reality technologies, and tech followers got the attention of many gamers. Excitement to users something that they could do with virtual reality glasses, many technology companies have attracted the attention of large companies had made considerable investments in virtual reality technologies. However, over time, virtual reality glasses, especially in the gaming world, it is difficult to say that is used in a very active way. Sony virtual reality technologies from companies who invest in quickly. However, recently the picture that is emerging shows that Sony’s PlayStation VRshe can’t expect much from it. The VR market is expected to grow less than Sony’s presentation “challenges” under the table found a spot. In the past week, Oculus VRMatt from Conte, he was grieved to worry about the VR market since it is smaller than they thought. Apparently it makes a difference if it doesn’t content if virtual reality technologies, technology will find a place for himself in the graveyard.

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