Video Bethesda released Fallout all over was filled with rumours of


The world’s oldest video game RPG series, which is one of Fallout‘s millions of fans. Players a post-apocalyptic world Serial on the bottom of the act by taking her to Bethesda for my thoughts, sharing did last night. The fallout games are classic “Please stand by” screen, surprisingly, their social media accounts who share Bethesda, gamers got excited. Also on Twitch, Vault Boy‘s figure and anything else is broadcast for two hours, we’re wondering what’s on the mind of developers who have not.

A new Fallout game is coming

#Please stand by

Bethesda Game Studios (@Bethesda Studios) 29 May 2018

A new prediction Fallout is thinking of the future of games. Also most of the players, a new Fallout game Obsidian entertainment is by thinking of the future. As the last in the series Fallout Fallout: New Vegas‘I the team, which according to some people, the best Fallout game in the past years revealed.

Finally, most of the players the name of the new game Fallout: new Boston think it would be. Probably E3 2018 We will meet at the fair with information about Fallout. Meanwhile Fallout with the emergence of a new Elder Scrolls game to say that it’s been shelved once again. In addition to all these, Bethesda, Fallout 4 announcement, maybe this is for the version Switch may be prepared.