Veteran actor Anthony Hopkins has surprised fans dance interesting


Finally , West world , and Thor: Ragnarok and successful veteran actor we see in films Anthony Hopkins, personal Twitter account from his exceedingly interesting video shared. In the video, “this thing is too much work when it’s not in the game,” Hopkins uses the description, apparently working a lot lately. In addition to acting, composer and painter Anthony Hopkins is always in serious roles we have seen. However, this video shared from the Twitter account of himself, managed to surprise his fans.

Anthony Hopkins surprised video that can be shared by followers

This is what happens when you’re finished playing all work and no play…

— Anthony Hopkins (@Anthony Hopkins) 22 April 2018

Personally West World Series in his serious advice then Anthony Hopkins‘S I was too surprised to be so much fun. Also the god of all gods, Odin, who has taken on the role of the actor, happy followers have made such a fun side too. Maybe we can see serious construction in the next comedy playing itself at a later time.

Finally, the story of the West World Series, separated from Hopkins‘S I wonder if it will return back to the array. Some fans claim that the player base would be back to the array, while the array followers of the series in accordance with the scenario doesn’t want to go back to Hopkins.