Version 2 of the cartridge required the Internet to play Wolfenstein


2017 year of the best FPS games that Wolfenstein ii: the new Colossus, the player did a pretty good job in the eyes of. Completely story driven FPS game II Wolfenstein: the new Colossus, thanks to the story and the characters, got good marks from the critics. Last year, the PC platform next consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms in the coming months the construction of the switch on a Nintendo platform. However, if you’re buying the physical cartridge version of the game, we have bad news for you.

II Wolfenstein: the new version of the patch before playing you have to throw the physical switch of Colossus

The new information that emerged by II Wolfenstein: the new Colossus‘s physical switch on the Nintendo to play the version of to the Internet you need to be connected. All the console versions of games to the physical Plug – and-play – while logic is in play the game, I feel a need to do some downloads of the switch. So if you are a collector, if not you can purchase the digital version of the game. The patches are not getting physical on the first day because of a logic of games developers who, we hope, the players have become upset in the later stages of the movement to this style.