Remember me game and the business of life is a strange series managed to prove herself through dontnod Entertainment‘s new game, the vampire, the players of England in the Victorian erato take to the streets is coming in last. Who came between the past and the quality games vampire: the masquerade’e simulated the vampire, the players will introduce the challenges of being a vampire. If Castlevania, contrary to more slowly and deeply progressive vampire-themed games if you have been longing to, and vampire: the masquerade if you are still able to forget, I suggest you give your attention. Because from the vampire as quietly under the radar, RYO accommodate dynamics in the sense of good.

Preliminary review vampire

At past E3 shows our main character in vampyr faced by players multiple times , Jonathan Reid, and will be found in the game as a vampire and a doctor. Although Reid had sworn to suppress your instincts to avoid harm to their patients vampirism though, sometimes you need to push yourself to make the decision. As time 1918 vampyr last in the world in Great Britain, of the H1N1 virus which is a subtype Spanish flu, has struggled against. At that time, knocking on every door to help people from illness and broken English. Developers that refuse to give any information about how the scenario would be, for now it’s just announced that it has a personality of the main character of the game. Probably the other details of the story in the coming days, we’ll see.


The part of the game, who was one of the designers Florent Guillaume vampyr the streets of Britain with other vampires like us in the world threw javelin said. So, every vampire in the game it’s not bad, and a vampire is not too good. For this reason, the elections you make in this phrase in the story of the game you should keep in mind constantly as you move. Also vampires in the game to clear the streets at that time the kingdom of Great Britain the oath of a special, has a team of vampire Hunters. In the final analysis all this on our hands when we collect in the game, and bad vampires, vampire Hunters, we will have to defend ourselves against. Developers, Jonathan Reid’s stresses that one priority is to protect people. However, we had to kill people in the game. Even at dontnod entertainment , the developers, the people they kill, the more experience points you could earn, he says. But if you are going to kill people, you kill how many people in the world of the game, so you need to remember that the city will take a turn for the worse.

These developers, in addition to the death of innocent people, many other things happen that may offer underlines the reasons. Each NPC character killed the crew of the NPCs who gave the task to the producer said that in any way cannot be returned. In addition, developers of time the game takes place in London‘indicated that there is little relationship between the families of all sin. For this reason, you can collect plenty of enemies because of the innocent people you killed. Or we may have to kill an innocent person for the task. On the other hand, as an example, if you kill a mother, another from his mother, don’t leave lonely like a kid who didn’t have anyone to help you find the worst.

As a result, the mechanical connection which have no one to whom and with whom thanks to the WHO bad gossip as it is transmitted instantly without stories we can find our goal. But the gameplay dynamics of the game at a certain level we have reservations about the damage. Short side story in a superficial manner because of the scenario in the way it’s going through the mechanics of writing. However, while the exact opposite as the story continues in a normal manner to have a chance of sleeping in the opposite corner.


The game in “black or white, no gray there’s plenty of it.” to judge players by saying the game does not allow a producer to release some of the players on this team that he wanted more. “If you must kill someone if you have to kill.” section designer Guillaume discourse, our character could try every means to keep alive says.

Vampire posted for the game’s combat mechanics from the last video we had a chance to look into it. Biting into the combo mechanics in the game from place to place, small producers, they made a Batman game changing new camera angle during combat. The fighting mechanics of the game when you watch the videos you can see that it is smooth in a certain sense. Any game story-based downloadable content, tell them to remove that dontnod entertainment, the game scenario is quite trusting. Four different end in the game which was said to be 5 June on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released for. Play the game on the PC platform of the game you can check out the system requirements here.