Valve pays thousands of dollars to find vulnerabilities


Valve, Steam open that exposes the security flaws that may occur on critical or potentially hackers who can find thousands of dollars cash offer.

How serious is the danger if the reward is so high

Valve Awards, which aims to identify the safety issues before any abuse use of the criminals ‘ethical hacker’ community HackerOne through pays. Valve, that might dangerously deficits in the detection of at least $ 2,000 when you pay around low-risk everyone can detect an open $ 200 with a amount of rewards around. The wage range of the defect common standard of CSS is determined by the score. At the beginning of this week after it is released for the first time in hackerone total so far to $ 109.000 paid stated.

The Application just clear determination to be made of course with steam it’s not. Various steam applications, Valve’s own web space, team fortress 2, CS:GO and dota 2 sites, such as Valve’s other owned productions are included in the determination of vulnerability. However errors that occur within the game, or gameplay issues gletcher in this program are not included. But so far, on average 180 it is stated that the report was paid for.