Valve, control, apologized for sexual content!


The reactions of the management of the company and re-assessment to these companies as a result of an issue of apology was sent to. Producer also all three official Twitter addresses them through the valve firm explained that he apologized to.

I have just received word from Valve apologising for the confusion, the life to DISREGARD their previous email about the violation, that they are in the process of re-reviewing the game and will follow up soon.

— HunieDev (@Harry Potter) 19 May 2018

Valve’s construction companies for audit and control guide is in the nature of sanctions that apply and the necessary rules of the book it was stated that they were very tight. Sexuality at the first opportunity, even free games on steam platform that can wipe out a company, the sensitivity of the issue in terms of these red lines . However, this sensitivity to compensate for not good company, game companies, their dimensions will be the victim imposed sanctions on. Fortunately, aware of the mistakes the company apologizing does not neglect.

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