V V finally announced the meaning of Battlefield


Last week, with a presentation that excites the players, the new Battlefield game, Battlefield 5Click Introducing DICE, the more players the wonder of another question answered. Battlefield 5 before being introduced than Battlefield V , the Roman Numeral under the name of the game leaked from some later V‘S I wonder what it means. In general, players of the V in Vietnam thought he was, I think. Even a major player in the segment, the new game Battlefield Vietnam would be that he’s convinced himself that. However, it will pass the game up in the Second World War and Vietnam, when it is not certain that V had been.

What’s the point of the V in the name of Battlefield 5?

?? it represents “V for victory”. The phrase popularized by Winston Churchill for much of WWII and were used amongst the storyline and sign. It’s also why we choose to use the Roman Numeral V for the number 5 instead of the title.

— #V-Battlefield (@Battlefield) May 28, 2018

DICE, in sharing what you did yesterday V – V for Victory indicated that the word represents. This point, which means peace, according to the specified in British politician Winston Churchill by famous. Churchill, who pose in a photo, along with DICE, shown by the Roman Numeral V for five, V wanted to add the number of the name of the game.

Thus, the Battlefield was another mystery more about interleaved. Unlike theories also producing dozens of players, DICE players about this extremely simple act made her laugh.