V Battlefield multiplayer-focused promotional video released


In the last few weeks with a special event announced Battlefield V‘2. It’s certain that the World War II period will pass in a first gameplay video of the game have also been released. Pointing to the effectiveness of EA play Multiplayer for video producers, released a promotional video for this mode, as expected.

V multiplayer Battlefield video was released

Like every year, when we look at the multiplayer modes played during the presentation, the atmosphere, the game is quite successful as we see that stop. The most important point of the video on web sites outside of snowy areas and wetlands, the dynamics of destruction. V looks like she could come up with the expected Battlefield destruction and particle dynamics. Because we saw tearing through the tank in the video posted up an entire house. Also battlefield for the Battle Royale mode V rumors previously announced.

With the multiplayer content of the game, the story mode is a short scene included. Pass Premium payment options such as will not be described and will be published free of modes Battlefield V, will be released October 19th. EA published the game on play, multiplayer-focused, you can browse in the video below.