V A large part of the battlefield is not pleased with players


The evening we left behind that are introduced with the official announcement of the new Battlefield game, Battlefield 5, engaging atmosphere, thanks to the curiosity of the players aroused. However, presented with a cinematic scene and gameplay mechanics, it turned out that a large portion of the players was not satisfied. Foreign gaming Forum as well as posted on YouTube, the trailer for “dislike” button abana the players, they showed their response in the comments.

Battlefield 5, could players please

Also on Twitter #note mybattlefield collected under the title, starring into our eyes on the trailer from political discrimination Complain. The game of the Second World Warand afterwards went in, German , or showing a soldier from another country, is not, and at least a segment formed from the female soldiers of the war to be brought to the forefront, a World War II buff players is not pleased with. In fact, we’ve dealt with this situation before.

The First World War,although there are quite a few of black soldiers in the Battlefield 1at every step in we could see black soldiers. Not satisfied with this, even the developers, the game had seen fit to put it on the cover of a black Soldier. Let’s give this bad reviews made political discrimination, is going to affect game sales?