Umutca the tobacconist, Just Dance managed to become the world champion In 2018


Most games e – sport as it is just dance series of e – sport side. However, just the dance exactly an e-sport as we explain? We didn’t know him. Held every year inviting famous players from all over the world, and Ubisoft’s Just Dance Just Dance tournament was held again this year. Our country of people who are participating in the tobacco umutca managed to become first again. Professional dancers participating from all over the world who are fighting against our young players, couldn’t hold back the tears after the first.

Organized by Ubisoft’s Just Dance in our country participating in the tournament I managed to be the first umutca tütüncü

I DID IT!!! I DID IT AGAIN!!! Thanks to everybody who support me!! ? I am the world champion of Just Dance World Cup 2018 ?? Our country 2. The time to represent our flag and 2. You have no idea how proud I am to dalgalandirdig times. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and who support me. (AFTER 1 YEAR!)

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In the past year, the first of the umutca Tütüncü, thus we can say that has managed to lift the cup two years in a row. The jury’s surprise, the nose of his opponent with the performance as a result of last umutca fakri, thinking of joining again next year. A professional dancer’s career is advancing in umutca the tobacconist, at the same time teaches dance to small children. If Just Dance if you are with the series itself, we recommend you follow once in a while.