Ubisoft the developers of the content for Division 2 promises


At an unexpected time in the past periods Division 2 Theclick announcing Ubisoft, players had managed to surprise. However, in the first game in terms of content, coming to the end of the game after he left the game so players who couldn’t find much of anything. Required content late in the game brought Ubisoft developers were unable to restore their lost players for this reason. Ubisoft but this time in Division 2, The content of the promise of the future fast. In terms of the content of the game after the game came out, the developers who would be continuously fed, let’s see how performance will exhibit a?

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, in terms of content, is to be fed constantly

At a news conference in the financial report belonging to the company’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, gave this promise on behalf of the developers. First Division at the end of the game is open PvP in a game where the developers who won’t let you do anything else than picking up goods in the area, probably to be confronted with different styles in terms of gameplay mechanics in the second game. In the month of March of 2019 you mentioned another game that will come with the game (it is not clear what it is yet) would be released than let us underline that.