Ubisoft, For Honor to the good news!


Officials of Honor for Ubisoft games more player base in order to spread June 18, 2018 until the date of which can be downloaded free of charge announced. E3 2018 in a statement made at the conference, gamers this game download, and for you to be able to play it the uplay platform will require you to use. At the moment on steam with a price tag of GBP 55 sold your game library so you can download it for free last 6 is left of your day , let’s remember that.

Ubisoft, this game is for the presentations at the Conference also a new update coming would be announced. Marching Fire called this expansion pack The game with 4 different characters we will be adding more. Tiande, Jiang Jun, Nuxia and Shaolin of them named characters and its own characteristics will increase the diversity of the game. This package is shared with the trailer by Ubisoft gamers as the release date of October 16, 2018 .

Ubisoft, this new package was going to honor that with a new game mode brings. Between two rival teams of four people in a breach called a new game mode can be played. Castle siege-themed in this new mode, together with the 2018 conference at E3 a trailer was introduced.


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