Ubisoft Beyond good & evil 2 is holding a live broadcast for the new


Ubisoft‘s highly anticipated game , beyond good & evil 2 for a long time are being developed. E3 2017was introduced in when the actors had created a wave of great curiosity. But then Ubisoftdidn’t have a lot of information about the game. Ubisoft’s official Twitter account with an announcement that gamers will be eliminated the slightest bit of curiosity of what it looks like.

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From Ubisoft’s official Twitter account shared the announcement today, according to the developer of the Game Team a live broadcast will be on hold. Live Facebook, YouTube and Twitch can be watched on. Turkey time 19.00 hoursstart at live broadcast Producer, at which stage of the game where the team is expected to share new information about the development process. Let’s live broadcast to be held as a result of this new gameplay footageand new information about the game is coming. This is not actually a live broadcast to be done first before in the month of December for a live broadcast was made. In the month of December with a live broadcast and a thorough view of the construction process new information about the game emerged. Same goes for a live broadcast in December in the video below, you can browse.