Twitch, the system updates various bits took the decision to


In the era we live in the Internet world quite interested in Twitch , which is the currency in the world of Bits’extensions as of today is expanding. The currency is no longer the audience, while watching your favorite broadcasts enables the use of plug-ins that allow various ways to support them.

Creator 80 percent content, 20 percent developers

The first beta supported extensions will take place as a part of this all plugin developers and builders and 30 bits appropriate content during service will be offered. Twitch, these extensions of the proceeds of the 80% portion and subscribe to the content Creator 20% for work that will make me go to the developers part.

Bits supported plugins the first part of the creators that you can use to attract the attention of potential shows the diversity of the audience. As an example, test plug-ins can be given. Here, viewers can compare the information about more popular games. Polls of viewers League of Legends games like to allow you to predict what will happen in the game or the Publisher will be able to choose what to do. Also will include Bits for the donation of arcade games that can be played.

Probably the Publisher in order to play the game with beloved Bits to make a sensible donation idea. However, this can raise the cost of achieving some publishers.