Twitch broke his own record in the tournament Fortnite Publisher Ninja


Famous Twitch the Publisher Ninja, performed in Las Vegas Fortnite tournament, at the same time managed to break the record by reaching out to audience 680.000 own twitch live stream. Twitch loved the world, nicki the ninja with a recognized Publisher, Tyler Blevins, last weekend in Las Vegas at Luxor Hotel And Casino’s Sports Arena, which is quite popular among players for its own Fortnite game battle Royale tournament.

Ninja hits $ 2,500 award

Publisher Twitch, semi-professionals, fans and viewers, mixed with nine Fortnite game played. As a result of the games, each winning $ 2500 reward have been distributed. Also the famous Ninja Publisher in the game for any player that manages to kill himself a $ 2,500 reward. In the meantime, during the live broadcast Ninja, Twitchat the same time being able to reach the full audience set a new record in 680.000. In this way, at the same time, Ninja, famous singer recently Drake during his broadcast with, the record also reached the audience simultaneously 628.000 was renewed.

Ninja four games during the tournament was able to finish in the top 10, and achieved a victory during the tournament. as a result, $ 50,000 to win prize money, win the money obtained donated to an Alzheimer’s Charity of their choice.