Turkish Thunder game Chase, appeared in the App Store and Google Play


Sense a rapid rise in the global video game industry of our country constantly contribution. A new game studio Game projects launched every day and with each passing day, gradually began to bear fruit. Now, we’re left with a game that wants to show off, especially in the mobile platform. Old-style top-down Shooter type, which belong to the thunder Chase, although it contains all of the competitors that are similar to the dynamics of gameplay, its like slowing down time includes items that will make gameplay mechanics more fun.

Thunder Chase, released for iOS and Android devices

The developer entered into the study in 17 different languages gigafun localization team, let’s return he will be pleased with the game? The game is fairly cheap on steam being sold at a price such as 2 Turkish Lira on mobile devices is available for free.

Some of the gameplay mechanics to the game developers explained it this way,

Time slows down and you’ll be negative for a short while after he was shot.

Bomb Trap
Ensures that all missiles locked itself. After a short while, explosively destroys the missiles so close unlucky.

It creates a huge explosion and destroys all the enemies. But there’s a small number, save it for the most difficult situations!

The game’s steam page can be found here.

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