Turkish Super Mario, arrested for smuggling in England


Funny and is one of the world’s most well-known characters of the game Mario, quite an interesting analogy, and with the news appeared. Jailed for 10 years because of drug trafficking in Germany, the idea of Worthy‘s emerged in the UK after a similar network founded by. Nicknamed the idea of Mario full 210 pounds of heroin caught up with.

Mario dubbed Turkish smugglers caught

Of course, work into games and Mario‘s enter as you can imagine, is due to the mustache. According to a BBC report with whiskers Mario‘has likened the nickname attached to the idea of worthy of, the UK has established one of the largest heroin trafficking networks in recent years. A pizza and kebab restaurant located in the north of England opened in yarasir glassop reported that smuggling activities across this restaurant.

Sentenced to 25 years in the month of April, Mario , nicknamed Worthy‘s new accomplices in court if it is held along with information about penalties, it’s also clear of the rest of the gang. Since 2016, followed in the same court again Mario‘s departing from Istanbul, 210 pounds, found out that indicated.

Türk Süper Mario, İngiltere'de kaçakçılıktan dolayı yakalandı

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