Turkish players rebelled money spent on a monthly subscription of WoW


The best players in the world with a lot of MMORPG for years that are in the possession of the title game being World Of Warcraft about a Turkish player, Blizzard was money spent on a monthly subscription to the game on the forums complained. For those who don’t know, Blizzard 30-day subscription for $ 15 sells this player and the name is Serkan, Turkey expressed that this price is expensive. Already steadily rising dollar rate in exchange for only a month to play World Of Warcraft for $ 60 need to pay a fee In the vicinity of. According to the minimum wage of the country, this is the player who said the price was too high that they say it’s not Blizzard’s problem in response to foreign players.

The Turkish player, wow, criticised given money on a monthly basis

However, Blizzardmentions pricing in the currency of the country in some countries of the Turkish players, the monthly subscription down the withdrawal of money from Blizzard (only for Turkey). World Of Warcraft forums in the aftermath of the debate, which started on including other Turkish players. Serkan who support other players, Blizzard wants to move on this. Let’s low exchange rate policy that applies to Valve’s steam Blizzard will implement in their games? The proposed topic of the discussion forum can be found here.